Acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion are formed by the diffusion of globules of resin in water, which are maintained in dispersion by the action of the special additives.

When the paint-coatings formulated with these resins are applied and the water in their composition evaporates the globules close together until they “solder” and form a film which is insoluble in water. The excellent characteristics and resistance to atmospheric agents of these products is ideal for application in both interiors and exteriors.


Epoxy resin is the best suited resin for use in high performance systems, given that it has a great capacity for transforming from a liquid state into a solid and highly resistant coating.

The versatility of epoxy resins enables their use in multiple applications: protective coatings, coatings for marine environments, coatings for floors, rigid waterproofing, adhesives, glues, moldings, as well as insulation materials, reinforced plastics and textile products.


Polyurethane paints, thanks to the excellent characteristics offered by the resins on which they are based, are highly resistant and durable products with great adherence on a variety of surfaces, including those difficult to paint (copper/nickel).

A wide range of polyurethane paints are available, some especially hard, others with maximum flexibility which can be applied on deformable surfaces such as leather or plastic materials (the best hardness/flexibility ratio of their type), while others offer maximum resistance to water and chemical agents, etc.

These products are perfectly stable at extreme temperatures (120oC/ 160oC), and can tolerate peaks 180oC / 200oC. Due to their excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, long lasting shine and colour, they are often used as the final sealing coat in the execution of epoxy roof coating systems with aliphatic finish in continuous WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS.