Complementary solutions for our WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS and floorings.

Principally used in the preparation of minor leveling as a support for the WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS which require it and slight differences in level, for different structural heights – “Lightweight filler”.


Cement agglomerate, designed for the preparation of lightweight fillers and the formation of slopes, on roofs, where the WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS require it.

Cellular concrete is formed by combining cement, air-entraining organic additives and water, producing an agglomerate exclusively made up of cement, with an appearance similar to a light, compact foam (solid cloud of cement), with a resistance to compression of 2 – 4 N/mm² and a density of 300 – 450 Kg/m³.


Granulate designed to produce lightweight fillers and the formation of slopes where resistance to compression and durability are key factors (plazas, common areas, roads, etc.).

Expanded clay aggregates have a grading of between 10 – 16 mm. Depending on the size and density, they can be used to produce light fillers with densities of 600 Kg/m³ and resistance to compression of 15 N/mm², up to reinforced concrete with densities of  1,800 Kg/m³ and resistance to compression of 350 N/mm².